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We're Experts

We’re a team of IT engineers with 10+ years of experience in automating and securing global infrastructures in financial institutions, telcos, defense, etc.

We're Secure

It’s our daily job to deal with infrastructure and application security, hence we know how to avoid security issues.

We're Automated

Our infrastructure is fully automated, which drastically increases the speed of application deployments and reduces operational risks as well.

We're Available

Do not hesitate to contact us filling the form in the bottom of this page if you want more details about our services.

We're Fast

Our infrastructure is fully optimized in order to deliver the best performance, availability and security.

Current Projects



Vega is a protocol for creating and trading magined financial products on a fully decentralised network.



NEAR is a high-performance blockchain built without limits. Designed to be super-fast, incredibly secure, and infinitely scalable.



Create, share and consume data streams on an open, scalable P2P protocol with powerful tools for monetization.



bitsCrunch is a NFT analytical platform with the core aim to bring asymmetric opportunities under a single unified platform.



Subsquid is a global network that provides free, fast and decentralized data access, without rate limits. Designed for billion-user dApps.

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Geneva, Switzerland
Email: info@lovali.xyz